I am the author of ASir’sMémoires. These “Mémoires” (French plural) are an adult only digital autobiography and journal of my life within the BDSM community. I begin my writings with an explanation of how I stumbled into the lifestyle at age 19, and developed within what was then known as the “leather community”. My explicit diary documents a great deal of my experiences and adventures from their beginning, to modern day.

Personally, I am a happily married, (Poly) 36 year old, Dominant, husband, and father of 4 out of Chicago, Illinois. I am a Virgo, and I entered this lifestyle in 2003. I love the outdoors and activities such as backpacking, hiking, swimming, and jogging. I am a movie buff, and was a musician in my youth.

Professionally I am an entrepreneur, as well as a fitness and health enthusiast. I subscribe to the more sensual side of BDSM, while maintaining the rigidity necessary to enforce the roles. I have quite a history within the BDSM lifestyle. You can read shortened excerpts here explaining some of that history. I travel across the U.S. as part of my career.

Do not mistake my rigidity for harshness or disrespect, it is neither. Those you see and read about here are my lovers and friends. They are not tramps, escorts, nor prostitutes. They are important people in my life and deserve respect.

I continue to offer video & photo shoots, training, and education. Any and all play play will be discussed and mutually agreed to beforehand with my wife (Presley) and submissive(s). If you are interested in the aforementioned, chatting, asking advice, or merely becoming more educated about the lifestyle, contact me directly through one of the networks provided on this website.

Yours in pleasure and pain,