How do I buy your premium content?

While I appreciate and am honored by your interest, there is no premium content. ASir'sMémoires is a diary of my sexual life, not a business. It is provided at no cost to you in the hopes that you may watch, read, learn and more fully interact with the greater BDSM community.

Do you mentor Dominants? (Dom/Domme)

Yes. However, being that this is not my career, but rather my lifestyle, I am very selective. I only mentor a few hopefuls at a time. If this is something you desire, reach out to me through the contact page.

Do you mentor Submissives?

Again. See prior answer.

You never responded to my message, why?

I apologize. I receive hundreds of messages per day from people across the world. If you have not heard back after 30 days, please send another message here or through one of my main networks such as FetLife, PornHub, or BDSMLR.